Performance Rates


Sonorous Strings Performance Rates

Other Fees

Travel Fees

Travel fees apply to our gigs held beyond the 494/694 loop. Please obtain possible travel fee amounts for your event by contacting us. The travel fee is per musician (number of musicians depending on the size of the ensemble you choose). 

Arrangement Fees

Arrangement fees vary but are generally about $100/song. Please let us know if you are interested in an arrangement, and include applicable details such as composer, performer and a specific recording if applicable! Sonorous Strings will respond with a quote. 

Consultation Fees

Phone consultations are free of charge. In person or Skype consultations are $70/consultation. This amount is not included in the contract in order to offer the client flexibility. The consultation fee, if applicable, is due at the consultation.

Sonorous Strings prefers to meet with clients in person in order to get a feel for the ambiance they are looking to create with their music choices. Our manager, Krista, will spend up to 2 hours helping you choose specific selections for your event, playing recordings of pieces to help you know what you like the sound of, explaining which pieces typically correspond to specific events in a wedding ceremony, and answering any questions you may have! Feel free to bring your fiancé, friends, family, etc. She'll help you come up with a plan on the spot, and e-mail it to you following the consultation.

Collaboration Fees

If you’d like us to bring in outside musicians, (say, a trumpet player), we must already be in possession of or have access to sheet music for the expanded ensemble. While we cannot guarantee that we will be able to collaborate, we are open to the possibility. If we collaborate, we will need to rehearse with the other musician(s) on the day of the event, and we must charge for rehearsal time. Rehearsal fees depend on length of rehearsal time (predetermined) and the ensemble you have chosen (each member must receive compensation for rehearsing).

Wedding Rehearsal

This service is not always available. If you request this service, and we are available, one of our members will attend a wedding rehearsal to assist the wedding party in understanding when and how quickly to walk, determine cues for the ensemble and generally help with the organizational aspect of the music. We charge a minimum of $100 for this service, and that includes an hour of one musician's time.